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Sharing My Faith

We’ve had a wonderful response to our “Ask Anything” message series.  You have helped us by turning in over 50 comments and questions. Since we can’t answer all of them on Sabbath morning during worship, we will be addressing some of them in our Ask Anything posts.

One of the questions that came in is exciting for any pastor to hear.  The card read, “When we share our faith and someone wants Bible studies, who will lead out?  Please let that be known.”

First of all, it is wonderful to hear that CDA members are sharing their faith in Jesus.  When we live our lives as followers of Jesus, this is a conversation that should come up. So when someone does express interest in knowing more about having their own walk with Jesus, what do you do?

The first and best answer would be, “You.”  Because you have built a relationship with that individual, the most natural continuation is that you study the Bible with them.  Of course, the next question always is, “But how do I do that? I’m not a pastor!” Fortunately, we have excellent resources that can practically do the job for you.

Another card came in with a question that helps answer the need here.  “Is our church leadership open to hosting the VOP Bible Learner Centers and the resources they offer? If no, why not?”  Fortunately, the answer is “Yes!”  Not only are we open to it, we are already a part of the new Voice of Prophecy Discovery Center.  The VOP is still working out some of the logistics, but every church in the Upper Columbia Conference has access to all the wonderful resources that will be available to us.

We are already a part of the Discover Bible School network.  We will also have access to something the VOP calls the Bible Study Factory.  We will be able to take the basic Discover Bible lessons and customize them in any way we need.

When someone wants Bible studies, all you need to do is contact the church office.  One of the pastors will help you with an established set of Bible lessons, or we can quickly customize a set for you based on your knowledge of the individual and their specific questions.  And then you can begin. In fact, if you want to get started right now, here are two great links you can use for online resources.

You’ll never be alone in that process.  If you need help or are nervous about doing it alone, Pastor Tye and I are certainly ready to help.  Several of our Elders are also very comfortable in giving Bible studies and ready to help you. Yes, we could do it for you if required, but it is so much better if you get to be the one the Holy Spirit uses to bring your friend to Jesus.


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