Seventh-day Adventists are Christians who believe in a God who passionately loves humanity, is actively rescuing us from the destructive power of sin, and will soon return to save all who are willing from the final destruction that makes way for a new creation.  We believe the Bible to be the only trustworthy standard for faith and practice.  All that we believe and the life we seek to live grows out of six essential truths about God we have discovered in the compelling self-portrait he has painted through the scriptures.


We Believe that God Loves

God is love, power, and splendor—and God is a mystery. His ways are far beyond us, but He still reaches out to us. God is infinite yet intimate, three yet one, all-knowing yet all-forgiving.  We will spend eternity cherishing an ever-deepening relationship with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


We Believe God Creates

From neurons to nebulae, DNA to distant galaxies, we are surrounded by wonder. Yet the beauty is broken.  The destructive power of sin disfigures all that God declared good in the beginning


We Believe God Redeems

God was not willing to abandon all the created to destruction.  Through His Son Jesus Christ He has defeated the power of death and given us new life.  He has begun the process of eradicating sin from the universe and restoring all creation to its original perfection and beauty.


We believe that God Inhabits

Jesus left His followers with an epic mission: tell the world of His love and His promise to return. Also, they should love people the way He loved them.  Entrusting humans with His message was a bold and risky move. But even though God knew people would often fail Him and even distort His truth, He wanted to work with us.


We believe that God Transforms

Those who accept God’s offer of a new life through His Son Jesus begin the process of being transformed into that new life.  God’s law is a reflection of his perfect ideal and becomes a mirror that reveals our faults, convicts us of sin and offers us a pattern of a holistic relationship with God, ourselves, and others.


We believe that God Triumphs

Scriptures reveal that the problem of sin began in heaven before being exported to earth.  It began with doubts sowed by Lucifer about God.  In order to bring an end to that doubt, God has engaged in an open process of investigation.  The evidence for all decisions will be clearly established and God’s character will ultimately be vindicated.