Treasury Mind Readers

“CDA Church Treasury Team to Work on Improving Mind Reading Abilities.”

That’s not actually true, but I hope it got your attention (and your funny bone); though sometimes our treasury team does wish they had mind reading abilities. We appreciate all your contributions and we try very hard to put them where you intended. But sometimes, that can be quite a challenge.

Consider contributions to LCJA. Our school is one of the biggest portions of our budget and a worthy ministry to support. We are grateful that so many of you give your hard-earned dollars to support this work.

Many of you who use the tithe envelope write in “school” on a blank line. That’s where the guessing games begin. Did you know there are five different ways to donate to LCJA alone? A donation to our school could be for our Worthy Student fund (or the children’s offering that also goes to Worthy Student). It could be to the LCJA grace fund which helps students that are not members of a constituent church. It could also be a general donation to the school as a whole (which gets special Idaho tax benefits). It could even be donations for a specific student’s tuition (which is non-tax deductible).

That isn’t counting Upper Columbia Academy or specific donations to UCA student tuition. And don’t forget Walla Walla University. All of these are great causes that could use your support, but we aren’t always sure which one you were thinking of when you wrote “school” on your envelope.

We really do appreciate your wonderful support. Thanks for your help in making sure we know how you want the money you give distributed. If all these options seem a little confusing to you, consider giving online through Adventist Giving. Just browse to and choose the online giving option. You can select exactly where you want to give your money and our Treasury team won’t have to read your mind.