God Is…Our Healer

Pastor Matt Burton continues the God Is…series with God Is…Our Healer.

Scripture: 2 Kings 5:1-19Naaman’s family did not know if they would ever see him again. Imagine their reaction when they saw him and realized he wasn’t sick anymore! When he left, he was sick and desperate for a cure. But he came home healed. He came home a worshipper of the one true God. Nothing was ever the same. My question for you is do you want to be made new? Do you want to be healed of this disease called sin? Did you know sin has a 100% death rate. Jesus can heal us all. Naaman washed in the water; but we must wash in the blood. Healing requires us to admit that we are sick and exercise faith in Jesus’ method of healing. Isn’t it worth humbling ourselves before God? So that he can not only heal us of our sins but make us into a witness for Him. Because God is… Our Healer.


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