Membership Report January 2018

At the end of 2017, Coeur d’Alene Seventh-day Adventist Church had 777 names on its membership list. Our weekly average attendance is around 215 and, if we added up every member who comes at some point in a year, we may come up with 250-300 names. That means that we have at least 450-500 members that we basically never see or have contact with.

Pastor Tye, in conjunction with our church clerk and some long-time church members, began identifying each name on our membership list in an attempt to make contact with our members who we don’t see at church. This has turned into a multi-phase project that we want you to know about.

Phase 1 – We determined which members had addresses in our database that were out of the area and sent them a letter inquiring what they may want to do with their membership – transfer to where they are currently attending, remove their membership, or talk to a pastor about what they’d like to do. Results: Around 80 letters were sent resulting in 13 members requesting their membership to be removed, 3 communicating reasons they’d like to keep their membership at CDA, and about 5 transferring to churches where they currently attend. More than 50 did not respond at all (we assume they got the letter as it was not returned undeliverable). 

Phase 2 – We determined which members we did not have current contact information for and listed them as “missing” (around 150). Began a process to try to find these members involving social media searches, Google searches, and asking for information from church members multiple times. At the church business meeting it was voted that the remaining names without contact information would be sent to the Gleaner to be published for 2 months in hopes to gain more information. It was voted at our January 29, 2018 business meeting that, after that attempt, missing members for whom we still have no contact information will be removed from membership. Results: (Still in progress.) Connected with several members through social media, resulting in good pastoral visits. Two members asked for their membership to be removed. Active church members are still exploring the list, trying to help the church get current contact info for people they know.

Click here to see our Missing Members and help us locate them!

Phase 3 – This phase will be the most difficult as it requires a plan to reach all our local, non-attending members and learn how we can best minister to their needs. Please pray for our church’s spiritual leadership as they tackle this issue over the next several months to come. If you know church members who no longer fellowship with us and would like to be a part of reconnecting with them, please talk to one of our pastors about how we can support you as you help us invite people back into fellowship.