Here’s a silly question for you.  Have you ever had the sensation that your life was spinning out of control?  Too often we feel like life is something happening to us instead of something that we choose to live.  Every one of us has the same 1440 moments of time to live every day, so why do we get to the end of that day and often feel more like a victim than a winner?  It’s time to rediscover the secret to living with passion.  No matter how stressful a day was for Jesus, He always seemed like he was ready to meet every challenge.  He embraced each day with passion and always seemed to have time for exactly what needed to be done.  In this series, we’ll explore 5 different things Jesus did that led him to live a passionate life; five things He taught his followers to practice.  If you’re ready to rediscover joy and create meaning in your life, you’re ready to discover “A Passionate Life.”

Take what you discover from the Bible to a deeper level in a small group.  You’ll receive a small group guide with daily studies to help you apply each Biblical principle to your situation.  Meet with others weekly to discuss what you’ve been learning and watch a video by Pastor Eric on the upcoming week’s lesson.  You can share as much or as little as you want to.  Come discover how much better life is when you can share it with others.

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Small Group Materials

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A Passionate Life Daily Devotional Guide – Week 1

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A Passionate Life Daily Devotional Guide – Week 3

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A Passionate Life Daily Devotional Guide – Week 4

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A Passionate Life Daily Devotional Guide – Week 5

If you are already a small group facilitator or would like to start your own group, we have some helpful resources for you.  You’ll find the weekly leaders guides along with a link to each week’s teaching video.

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Group Facilitator Guide – Week 1

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Group Facilitator’s Guide – Week 2

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Group Facilitator’s Guide – Week 3

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Group Facilitator’s Guide – Week 4

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Group Facilitator’s Guide – Week 5

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There was a time in my foolish younger years that I thought the highest achievement in spiritual life was to live dispassionately.  I remember once trying to convince my fiancé, Robin that one should try to avoid the highs and lows that some people get caught up in.  She looked at me like I had suddenly sprouted another head.

I’m glad she decided to marry me anyway.  And I’m certainly glad that my passionate wife has rubbed off on me.  As I started letting spiritual passion grow in my life I began to see how caught up in self-protection I had been.  If I never got excited about something, I could never be disappointed when I lost it.

Unfortunately, there a lot of people who have lost their passion in life.  Somewhere between childhood and car payments the margins where joy lives got pushed right out of their lives.  Every moment is so packed with the demands of just getting by that there’s never any time for the moments that allow your soul to breathe.

And the very people that should be bucking that trend look like they are leading it to me; Christians.  As a pastor, I hang around with Christians most of the time.  I’ve been surrounded by Christians my entire life.  The people who say they follow the man who came to give an abundant life (John 10:10) were the ones who taught me I should avoid passion.  Not that they meant to, but that’s what they modeled.

Thanks to my wife, a crazy youth pastor named Jim Gaul and a hunger for something more, I decided I wasn’t willing to settle for getting by.  My adult life has turned into a journey to rediscover passion.  I’m discovering people, and things that I care deeply about.  I’m learning to find margins again in my life.  I’m discovering that the life Jesus intended me to live was designed to be full of joy and enthusiasm for what He is doing around me.

The biblical principles contained in this series have played a key role in this ongoing transformation.  The LifeShapes that Mike Breen and Walt Kallestad describe have given me simple mental hooks to hang important concepts on in my mind.  I have found myself sharing them again and again with people as we find ourselves talking about the struggles we face in life.

I hope you will be blessed as you take a step outside of the ordinary and discover the secret to extraordinary passion.

Eric Brown is lead Pastor at the Coeur d’Alene Seventh-day Adventist church.  After 20 years in pastoral ministry serving churches from Southern California to Northern Idaho, he has developed a passion for helping others make a connection with Jesus Christ and learn how to apply the teachings of Jesus to life.

Leading a large volunteer-driven organization has provided a powerful testing lab for the effects of passion, or it’s absence, on the life of a church.  Always searching for new ways to encourage and support volunteers, Eric happened upon a wonderful collaboration between two pastors; Mike Breen and Walt Kallistad.  In 2005 they came together to write the book “A Passionate Life.”  Their simple teaching and profound insights provided a missing link in all the programs and strategies for volunteer retention.

Happy and fulfilled volunteers stay involved.  And happy volunteers are those that are serving out of a passionate life.  And a passionate life is one that grows out of living the way Jesus taught people to live.

It was then that a personal passion and a professional need came together.  Eric has taken Mike and Walt’s concepts and applied them for a Seventh-day Adventist context.  He is committed to aiding people who have a passion for “the truth” discover how to put that passion into daily action.